Saturday, May 19, 2012

San Diego Museum of Art

The Invention of Glory ~ 3 hour workshop at San Diego Museum of Art, on June 9
I teach a lot. And sometimes I just have to say no to teaching offers. But I never say no to the San Diego Museum of Art! Not only am I incredibly flattered they ask me, but I adore working with Amy Briere, the Manager of Education and Student Programs at SDMA. We met the other day to go over a fiber arts workshop I've created, for an upcoming exhibition at the museum. 
The exhibition, The Invention of Glory, showcases four monumental European tapestries (12x36 feet) from the 15th Century. They were woven by Belguim weavers of the costliest silks and exquisite gold threads. This is the first time they've been shown in the United States, and they are considered some of the finest tapestries of the Renaissance.

No pressure on me to create a workshop, huh? And of course, I've never seen the tapestries, because they go on exhibition June 9, the day of my workshop. That dear readers, is often the case with a working/teaching artist. To be creative and inventive with just a few facts. But, Amy is thrilled with my proposal and I will be teaching an easy, introductory fiber arts project, that you can complete in the workshop. It will also help you appreciate the incredible amount of time and talent that went into the tapestries.

The workshop (The Invention of Glory~ fiber arts) is Saturday, June 9, from 1-4pm. $50 for nonmembers/$40 SDMA members. ALL materials are included, along with admission to the museum to see the tapestries and hear more about them from a docent.
Call The San Diego Museum of Art 619.232.7931 or you can buy tickets online. 
Amy Briere, Manager of Educator and Student ProgramsThe San Diego Museum of Art, with my workshop materials.
San Diego Museum of Art will be offering once a month, second Saturday, workshops based on the exhibitions for the next year. I plan on taking some of them too.

Yoga Poses in Public Places at San Diego Museum of Art
Yes, while I was at SDMA, I did my half moon yoga poise, which inspired Lisa Adams Reed to start a Facebook page called "Yoga Poses in Public Places." Like us, and join us. It's fun!

(I'm in Italy, teaching, so I've scheduled these posts while I'm traveling.)


  1. That sounds like such a fun workshop I wish I could be there I really enjoy fiber art and it's history but I live in Wisconsin. Hope it's a hit!

  2. Wow WOw Wow!!! The SDMA looks fabulous - even more so with you teaching there!!! What a deal!! great project!! I am teaching a similar art quilt at Art and Soul Portland!!! Great minds and all that!!
    Enjoy Italy!!!

  3. Look at you 'posing'! That's one of the things that I really love about you Jane!! You are so spontaneous - as in teaching that workshop without having seen the actual pieces that will be on display at the museum.

    That is one lovely piece that you have been working on. You are such a busy girl!


  4. I can't wait to get together when you are in NC! It will be TWO silly ladies then!


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